Brick Win League Championship
Tuesday, October 4th, 2033
The Brick Barracudas have advanced to the Cecil Cup, with a 2-1 triumph at Old League Park over the Philadelphia Hornets.

The win sealed a 4-1 series win for Brick.

The series MVP honor went to Barracudas catcher Steve Lee.

"It takes every guy in that dugout to win games, not just me," Lee said afterward. "I'm proud to be moving on."

The Brick Barracudas will play against the Milwaukee Mountain Lions in the next round. Milwaukee won their series against the Brooklyn Wolves 4 games to 1. The Cecil Cup schedule will be announced after the League Championship finishes.

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Milwaukee Win League Championship
Tuesday, October 4th, 2033
The championship aspirations of the Milwaukee Mountain Lions are still alive and well, while the Brooklyn Wolves are left to wait until next year.

Milwaukee won the clinching game of the League Championship 6-0 over Brooklyn at Old League Park, to win the series 4-1.

"You feel like a little kid again, celebrating something like this," said left fielder Salvador Velásquez, who paced the Milwaukee offense and was named series MVP. "We take everything real seriously when we're on the field, but after a series is over you can finally relax a little bit."

Velásquez claimed the MVP by racking up 9 hits for a .409 average, with a .435 on-base percentage. He had 3 home runs, 8 RBI and scored 5 runs.

The Milwaukee Mountain Lions don't know who they will face in the next round. They will play the winner of the Brick Barracudas - Philadelphia Hornets series. Brick leads the series 3 games to 1. The Cecil Cup schedule will be announced after the League Championship finishes.

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Manning Spins Shutout Against Brooklyn
Tuesday, October 4th, 2033
In a very impressive mound performance, John Manning stopped the Brooklyn Wolves cold. The 29-year-old Mountain Lions hurler blanked them on 4 hits to post a 6-0 triumph.

This year Manning has a 11-9 mark in 32 starts with a 4.33 ERA. He has given up 220 hits in 212 innings, struck out 159 and issued 51 walks. Opposing clubs have compiled a .269 batting average against him.

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Steve Lee - BRI
2 Armando Burgos PHI .333
3 Salvador Velásquez MIL .330
4 Luis Rosales BRI .329
5 Thomas Lyons PHI .328
Tomás Fernández - BRI
2 Ramón Nieto BRK 48
3 Héctor Valera MIL 45
4 Benjamin Anderson HOU 41
5 Don Jones MAU 37
Ramón Nieto - BRK
2 Tomás Fernández BRI 137
3 Héctor Valera MIL 125
4 Andrew Boulter HOU 111
5 Salvador Velásquez MIL 110
Víctor Rivera - PHI
2 José Aquino PHI 19
2 Ernest Metcalf MIL 19
4 William Brooks APP 18
4 4 more tied with   18
William Brooks - APP
2 José Aquino PHI 2.64
3 Víctor Rivera PHI 2.75
4 Chris Williams MIL 2.76
5 Ernest Metcalf MIL 2.80
Kieran Rose - BRK
2 Chris Williams MIL 278
3 Michael Leach PHI 241
4 David Chapa HOU 224
5 Yorikane Kichikawa MAU 204
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Adams Division W L PCT GB
Brooklyn Wolves 98 64 .605 -
Brick Barracudas 96 66 .593 2.0
Houston Armadillos 63 99 .389 35.0
Mepkin Abbey Monks 60 102 .370 38.0
Zotti Division W L PCT GB
Milwaukee Mountain Lions 101 61 .623 -
Chicago Reapers 91 71 .562 10.0
Appalachian Black Bears 63 99 .389 38.0
Antelope Valley Raptors 62 100 .383 39.0
Signorino Division W L PCT GB
Philadelphia Hornets 123 39 .759 -
Maui Mongooses 88 74 .543 35.0
Wilmington Atlantics 68 94 .420 55.0
Atlanta Hurricanes 59 103 .364 64.0
Away Team Home Team Result Time Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher
Philadelphia Brick 1-2 8:05 PM EST A.Báez (13-6, 2.92 ERA) V.Rivera (21-3, 2.75 ERA)
Milwaukee Brooklyn 6-0 8:05 PM EST J.Manning (11-9, 4.33 ERA) K.Rose (18-11, 2.97 ERA)
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